Re: sending data to SD card - CS control inhibited (no GPIO device)

Florian Vaussard


Le 29.07.20 à 12:03, Edyta Bosacka a écrit :
I want to write some data in .csv file on SD card. Some of data are written , but then I get error :
 "CS control inhibited (no GPIO device)"
I do not know if you resolved your issue, but the message that you mention is for sure
not the root cause of your issue. It is not even an error, since it is an <inf>. I agree
that it can be a bit misleading.

I added this in config file:
This seems to work, since your SD card is detected by the sdhc_spi driver, look at the
next lines.

If part of your data is written, then the usage fault might be in your writing loop.
It is hard to tell you more without more information. Maybe open a GH issue if you still
face an issue.



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