Re: How to use "Serial CAN Bus Module" #uart #driver #can


@Lawrence King

Thank you for the code!


I tried the last few days to get it working but I don’t know how to use a second UART. I’m using the nRF52832dk board which has only “uart0” defined in the Devicetree (see ~/zephyr/boards/arm/nrf52dk_nrf52832/nrf52dk_nrf52832.dts and ~/zephyr/dts/arm/nordic/nrf52832.dtsi). Since uart0 is already being used I want to define an “uart1” as was used in the code by Lawrence King for nRF52840 (which supports “uart1” in the Devicetree). But as I understand it at the moment, this is difficult without deep knowledge about the Hardware and Devicetree. 

How can I solve this? Is there an easy path I haven’t found. Something like SoftwareSerial in Arduino?

Can I define an “uart1” with an “.overlay” file in my project folder? Are there examples for this?

Do I have to edit the Devicetree files in the ~/zephyr/dts folder?

Thank you!

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