Bluetooth: Concurrent advertising

Christoph Schramm

Dear All,

One of our devices installed on a remote location is under some sort of „denial-of-service“ attack - well, that‘s simply meaning someone is constantly connecting to our peripheral, thus blocking other connections.
We can‘t use bonding (because of the UX impact with auth code in apps), so my only idea is to continue advertising even while a (rogue) central is connected.
I thought this would be the default for BT_LE_ADV_CONN but as it seems, it‘s not: the peripheral stops advertising and only resumes after the central disconnected.
However, I always wondered if it‘s possible to have multiple concurrent advertising „virtual“ peripherals. I can see that the ticker API is referenced a lot, so at first glance it looks like it was a common use case. But I absolutely can‘t find any documentation of how to start multiple advertisements (just to give a simple example: one might want to advertise an eddystone beacon and a sensor peripheral at the same time)

Any help is greatly appreciated


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