Re: Debug probes and setup #debugging #gdb #nrf52480 #ztest #bluetoothmesh

Carles Cufi

Hi Erik,


FYI, pyocd is Zephyr-aware and Nordic’s J-Link OBs can be reflashed with pyocd-compatible firmware:






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Subject: [Zephyr-users] Debug probes and setup #bluetooth #debugging #gdb #nrf52480 #ztest #bluetoothmesh


We are looking for direction on how best to improve our (multi-threaded) debugging capability.

Current setup:              host ---NRF52_dev_board (onboard jLink) -- custom Nordic-SoC board

where host is macOS and Win10 and our Bluetooth application can run either on dev or custom board.
We launch GDB debugging using west and for terminal output on macOS use separate JLinkRTTClient attaching to GDB (couldn't get regular terminal to work)

We understand JLink isn't ZephyrOS aware and per OpenOCD's most recent manual, neither is OpenOCD, so believe we need to run alt 
GDB server compiled with such support. We are hoping for a good out-of-box setup.
- Are there ways to stay with current setup and still see everything going on and step through code?
- Would debugging from within Docker Desktop, running below Docker image be possible/best path to align with what most people do?
- Purchase a different HW probe (which one?) and use OpenOCD?
- If also want to debug/test Bluetooth app in QEMU, would we be forced to run on a Linux native host/dual boot, or can one emulate Bluetooth
   even if run in Docker image?

Would appreciate feedback on what works, and also paths to avoid.


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