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Hello Carles,

Thanks for the pointers. I really appreciate your help.
From the above link it is possible to get the list of issue that has been fixed in version 1.14.x , but is it possible for us to know what where the issue that was pending when v1.14.x was released?

Harish K

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Hi Harish,
You can browse the issues that were addressed in the 1.14.x releases here:
Then there’s also the vulnerability list:
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Subject: [Zephyr-users] Requesting Bug list for ZephyrProject release 1.14.0
This is Harish Working for NupulseCV an medical device manufacturer. 
We have used the Zephyr project  (release version v1.14.0), in our development of BLE 5.0 support for our device which uses nordic nRF52840, which was helpful in speeding our development. 
As being a medical device manufacturer, we need to submit details about the Off-the-shelf software (OTSS) documentation for Zephyr project to FDA.
For this process we need help from zephyr project team to identify the list of known issues in the Zephyr OS version v1.14.0. With this list we would be able to evaluate the risks of the bug to our device.
We were able to find the list of current issues in Zephyr OS from the following gitHub link.
But it would be really helpful for us to understand what were the pending issues for  nRF project for Zephyr OS v1.14.0.
Thanks in anticipation.
Harish K

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