Read out channels on ADC3 #stm32 #api


I'm running Zephyr OS on a stm32f429i-eval (similar to the stm32f429-disc1 except for the crystal). 

I've enabled &adc1 in my dts overlay. I would have expected a &adc2 and &adc3 for the other adc peripherals, but it seems like the adc1 device is also used to access those
It works OK if I, for example, read out channel 1 for adc1, or channel 14 on adc2.

But how do I read out channel 8 on ADC3 ( STM32F4_PINMUX_FUNC_PF10_ADC3_IN8 )

Is this not implemented or is there a naming convention I don't understand?


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