ninja: error: loading '' - Windows

Kashyap Gada <gada.kashyap@...>

Dear All,

I tried to install basic zephyr installation from the getting started page on windows.

Everything installed fine. When I am trying to build sample blink project by calling -

west build -p auto -b nucleo_l053r8 samples\basic\blinky

I get the following error.

ninja: error: loading '': The system cannot find the file specified.

FATAL ERROR: command exited with status 1: 'C:\Program Files\CMake\bin\cmake.EXE' --build 'D:\Software\zephyr\zephyrproject\zephyr\build'

Environment variables are set as per the toolchain tutorial

D:\Software\zephyr\zephyrproject\zephyr>echo %ZEPHYR_TOOLCHAIN_VARIANT%

D:\Software\zephyr\zephyrproject\zephyr>echo %GNUARMEMB_TOOLCHAIN_PATH%

I don't how to go ahead please help.


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