Re: Hardware acceleration using cryptocell engine in #nrf52840 #crypto

Carles Cufi

Hi Nikos,


The Cryptocell requires proprietary software that is not part of Zephyr. If you’d like to use the Cryptocell I recommend you take a look at Nordic’s Zephyr-based SDK, the nRF Connect SDK:






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Subject: [Zephyr-users] Hardware acceleration using cryptocell engine in #nrf52840 #crypto


Hello, I am going to use mbedtls library in order for sha256 hash calculation and ECDSA verify using nrf52840-dk. I can not find any configuration parameter for hardware acceleration. The device supports the cryptocell 310 engine. Is this enabled/supported by zephyr's mbedtls? If yes, is there any parameter to enable it or disable it?
Also, has anybody idea what is it "better" to use tinycrypt or mbedtls? I already use mbedtls as transport layer security for the LWM2M for this reason I am considering to use it for hashing etc (is already imported).

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