Re: Help flashing Zephyr to a Reel bord #flash #reel_board

Boie, Andrew P

On 05/10/20 20:15, Henrik Brix Andersen wrote:

On 4 Oct 2020, at 18.44, Marco Cavallini [KOAN]
<> wrote:

I have already done the udev settings and the board is not detected
when I plug the reel board “Debug USB” connector to my PC I fear my
board is defective.
I wonder what happens when a Reel board is plugged in.
Did you remember to turn the board on using the power switch? Are any of
the LEDs on the board lit?

Does anybody have one ?
Yes. I have a couple of those boards. I have no issue with flashing them.

Henrik Brix Andersen
What CPU is on your Reel Board?
I had an issue with this, someone gave me a Reel Board at a LF event in Lyon, but when I tried to flash it, turned out to have a different SoC not supported by Zephyr.


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