Re: Help flashing Zephyr to a Reel bord #reel_board #flash

Marco Cavallini

On 07/10/20 08:52, Marco Cavallini wrote:
On 07/10/20 03:08, Boie, Andrew P wrote:

What CPU is on your Reel Board?
I had an issue with this, someone gave me a Reel Board at a LF event in Lyon, but when I tried to flash it, turned out to have a different SoC not supported by Zephyr.

Hi Andrew,
You are right!
My board doesn't have mounted the Nordic nRF52840.
Let me request a response from the manufacturer.
Thank you

I have the reel_board_v3 that has a separate CPU module.
Phytec forgot to ship it, so there is a part missing within the reelboard package - NOTM.2 Adapter for nRF52840.
It is on the way ;-)

Thank you Andrew for pointing it out.


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