Re: run-time non-volatile overwrite

Bolivar, Marti


It's not clear what you are asking. By 'Zephyr requires the ability',
what part of Zephyr do you mean?

Some optional Zephyr subsystems (like DFU or file systems) require
rewriting nonvolatile storage to work properly, of course. But these
have to be enabled. The 'hello_world' sample doesn't write any flash
when it runs. So the answer you are looking for really depends on your
use case.


"abraddy via"
<> writes:

I'm currently considering Zephyr for some of our future projects, but have a  (hopefully) quick question. We have a requirement that FLASH memory is not erased (including bit-setting on overwrites) and was wondering if anyone can tell me off-the-cuff whether Zephyr requires the ability to re-write non-volatile memory at run-time.
Thanks in advance, Alan.

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