IPSP with global IPv6 addresses #coap #ipsp #nrf52480

Stefan Hristozov


I have a set up consing of an nrf52840, a Raspberry pi and a Linux workstation,
which communicate over IPSP following the IPSP sample.
The nrf52840 is a UDP/CoAP client, the Raspberry pi is a border router and the workstation is a UDP/CoAP server. The Raspberry pi and the Linunx workstation are both in my LAN, see the diagram below showing the set up with all IPv6 addresses.

nrf5x --------------------  RPI Border router      ---------- ISP router --------- Linux WS
2001:db8::1     (bt0)2001:db8::2 (eth0)2001:db9::1                           2001:db9::2

This works all fine. Now I want to replace the Linux workstation with a remote Linux server. The Linux server has a global IPv6 address. I can ping this address and send UDP packets to it form the Raspberry. However, the UDP packets which the nrf52840 send does not arrive at it. I can see with tcpdump that the packets are sent out from the Raspberry but I think my ISP router does not forward them on the internet. My ISP router has IPv6 support.

I think the  nrf52840 needs also a global IPv6 address. How to create/get a global IPv6 address for the nrf52840?

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