Re: Using an external DTS binding for an out-of-tree driver

Henrik Brix Andersen

Hi Diogo,

Please have a look at the documentation for creating custom devicetree definitions:

You can put the ‘dts’ folder in the application folder and it will automatically be picked up. A few examples in-tree of this:

You can also do board-specific bindings:

Henrik Brix Andersen

On 9 Nov 2020, at 17.18, diogo.correia@... wrote:

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I'm developing an out-of-tree driver for Zephyr, that I would like to configure using the board overlay file (just like a normal driver in Zephyr). Is there a way to add an external DTS binding file into the project? Or do I need to modify the zephyr's source code (by adding the .yaml into /dts/bindings)?

Kind regards,
Diogo Correia

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