Nucleo STM32F411RE PWM support

Florian Hester


When i look at the documentation of the Nucleo F411RE board at:

I can see PWM as a supported feature. However,  the board YAML file (boards/arm/nucleo_f411re.yml) does not list PWM as supported and the board DTS (boards/arm/nucleo_f411re/nucleo_f411re.dts) does not enable any PWM device present on the hardware.

I've tried using an overlay to enable it anyway (the timers and the pwms), this compiles successfully and flashes (via JLink) successfully, but using the PWM API (or the shell pwm commands) does not appear to have any effect (no output pulse).

I have tried the PWM functionality in ARM mbed, where it works.

Why does Zephyr not have support for PWM on this board?


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