How to implements SPI slave event handler on zephyr #spi


Recently I am trying to use nrf52840 to implement SPI slave on zephyr
In Nordic's SPIS example, it will go to spis_event_handler when an interrupt occurs
In spis_event_handler, judge whether the transmission has been completed, as follow
if (event.evt_type == NRF_DRV_SPIS_XFER_DONE)
I want to implement this interrupt function on zephyr
But at present zephyr SPIS I have not seen an example of event handler
Only simple spi_write and spi_read can be used to write/read
And in \zephyr\drivers\spi\spi_nrfx_spi.c, I saw a function that does the same thing as the spis_event_handler of the Nordic example
as follows

How to add this event_handler in the main function in the sample?

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