Re: Query regarding Bluetooth Controller Porting

Kumar Gala

You may want to ask this question on the devel list. (devel@...)

- k

On Dec 8, 2020, at 12:02 AM, Pankaj Singh <PANKAJ.SINGH@...> wrote:


We want to port our custom Bluetooth controller to run on Zephyr RTOS (not using the default zephyr ble controller support). I went through the Bluetooth documentation , The link’s talks about Bluetooth host in detail and it was helpful. We want to use Dual Chip configuration mode (use Zephyr Bluetooth host + custom Bluetooth controller support) .

From link it talks about various host only build configuration

My query is in order to port custom controller what steps, build configuration we need to take care of. If there is a link/document that helps to describe porting of custom Bluetooth controller to Zephyr it will be helpful.


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