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Hey Marciano,


Thanks for the quick reply!

I’d have to agree on the acronyms and such.


What do you mean that ‘somebody can help us’?








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Hey Steven!


I’d have to agree! The low-level bluetooth controller is tragic. I’m sure it’s incredibly useful, but the use of nicknames and acronyms at every corner are not useful. Perhaps if there were comments that could help too, but there aren’t. 😭


I hope somebody can help us out.



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On Dec 15, 2020, at 7:11 AM, steven ghekiere via <> wrote:



Hey there,


I’m a student working on a project using a Nordic nRF52840 device.


The past month or so I’ve been trying countless times to implement some BLE low level methods, first using Nordic SDK and now Zephyr.

More specific, I’d like to be able to set and receive the frequency to transmit data using the bigger 255 byte non-connectable broadcast beacons.


I asked about this on the Nordic SDK QA, which pointed me to use the newer low level BLE Zephyr API. (

I got some advice in the #Bluetooth channel in the Zephyr Project Slack, who pointed me to use the “lll_chan_set()” method.

However documentation is lacking, to say the least. 

I’ve been struggling and doing this the trial-and-error way but I simply cannot make sure I send something correctly if I can’t receive anything.


Therefore, I would really really appreciate it for some clear guidelines, documentation, code snippets, or maybe even a chat on Slack with someone who knows how this works.

Since I’m working with deadlines I’m getting quite stressed and agitated so I REALLY would appreciate some help 😊.


Looking forward to your answer,

Steven Ghekiere



p.s: You can find me on the Zephyr Project Slack (email steven.ghekiere@..., name Steven Ghekiere). Feel free to respond there if this seems easier.




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