Re: Newbie question: K64F with SD card

Henrik Brix Andersen

Hi Dave,

I take it you mean the Freedom K64F board?

It is correct that the SD card controller of the K64F is not yet supported by Zephyr.
There is an open issue regarding this:

The internal DAC is supported by the Zephyr DAC API:

Henrik Brix Andersen

On 3 Jan 2021, at 02.10, Dave Nadler <drn@...> wrote:

Hello all, Zephyr newbie here, sorry if this is a simple question...
I've used Freescale/NXP K64F for a number of successful projects using FreeRTOS.
Considering using Zephyr because of driver/OS integration, however...

Looking at "K6F Freedom" board, which we've used often as a starting point,
SDcard driver plus a few other things seem to be missing?
What are the steps to add drivers to support:

1) ~POSIX file operations to the SD card?
3) internal DAC?

If that's too hard, can anyone recommend an ARM chip with already well-supported
SD card, USB (especially device), I2C+SPI, serial UART, internal ADC and DAC.

Thanks in advance for any pointers,
Best Regards, Dave

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