Re: undefined reference to `__bswapdi2' when trying to link tinycbor for RISC-V

Kumar Gala

On Feb 8, 2021, at 1:16 PM, Stefan Hristozov <> wrote:

I am using Zephyr version: 2.3.99 with West version: v0.7.2.

How to provide -Wl,--start-group …. -Wl,—end-group linker flags to my Zephyr project?
Try something like:

/opt/zephyr-sdk-0.11.3/riscv64-zephyr-elf/bin/riscv64-zephyr-elf-gcc … -Wl,--start-group zephyr/kernel/libkernel.a zephyr/CMakeFiles/offsets.dir/arch/riscv/core/offsets/offsets.c.obj -L"/opt/zephyr-sdk-0.11.3/riscv64-zephyr-elf/bin/../lib/gcc/riscv64-zephyr-elf/9.2.0" -L/home/stefan/workspaces/oscore-edhoc/test/build/zephyr -lgcc -Wl,—end-group …

- k

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