Re: openocd.conf default

Bolivar, Marti

Hi there,

You can read through the 'west flash -H -r openocd' output to see
what options you have for overriding the default behavior, but
the short answer is no, most of this is determined by the board.cmake

If a particular board.cmake file is not correct, please file a bug.

You are of course free to ignore the default openocd runner entirely and
just run openocd yourself if you have settings you prefer.


Gunnar Bråding via
<> writes:


I might have missed something, but is there a way to set a default openocd.conf in the local application directory, or set some other file as the default? The board-specific ones are not necessarily correct. I even wonder if the debug settings are board specific, rather than user-specific?
Actually I personally would consider it nice to just use my general configuration when selecting probe and such.

— Gunnar Brading

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