Re: DTS own node DT_N_S_ undeclared

Piotr Barszczewski <piotr@...>


Thank you for your response. My code is very similar to with the change that I’ve refactored it to accept different instances instead of supporting single #define VBATT DT_PATH(vbatt) . It’s practically 1:1 with what I needed so it seemed more reasonable to approach this way.

Regarding #define VBATT_LIPO DT_NODELABEL(vbatt_lipo)  and #define VBATT_LIPO DT_PATH(vbatt, vbatt0) I’ve tried this but the result is that in the end 

/* Existence and alternate IDs: */
#define DT_N_S_vbatt_S_vbatt0_EXISTS 1
#define DT_N_INST_0_voltage_divider DT_N_S_vbatt_S_vbatt0
#define DT_N_NODELABEL_vbatt_lipo   DT_N_S_vbatt_S_vbatt0

Always points to non-existing DT_N_S_vbatt_S_vbatt0. It’s not clear to me where it should it be defined if not from DTS.

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