Re: C library re-entrancy under Zephyr

Dave Nadler

Hi Rob - Went through this a few years back with FreeRTOS.
The link below may be helpful.
Hope that helps!
Best Regards, Dave

On 3/11/2021 1:04 PM, Rob Meades via wrote:
Thanks for the swift response.  That's a shame.
I will go look at the PR at your link as shifting to the re-entrant versions just for Zephyr is going to be painful.

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Re-entrant support between newlib and zephyr is not currently supported.

There’s an old PR on the subject

- k

On Mar 11, 2021, at 11:51 AM, Rob Meades via <> wrote:

Should I expect C library functions (e.g. strtok()) under Zephyr to be re-entrant or must I call the re-entrant versions (i.e. in this case strtok_r())?

I ask because I am building/running nRF52840 (cortex-m4) and strok() _appears_ to NOT be re-entrant: I'd like to understand if this is expected or if I've messed up a configuration somewhere.  My prj.conf file is attached in case it is helpful in answering the question.



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