HTTP client not connecting to Microsoft Azure Blob Storage #fota


Hi everyone,

I want to create a FOTA solution for my project.  I am trying to use the HTTP client to download a file from Microsoft Blob storage.  My issue is that the HTTP client does not connect to my Blob storage host address "" using MBed TLS and the Baltimore CyberTrust Root certificate.  I have checked that the URL copied from blob storage does work when using my internet browser.  The HTTP client does connect when I use my IoT hub host address "".  I have included my source code for you to look at.  I am hoping that someone here has had success downloading files from Blob storage and can provide a solution to my issue.  Any help is much appreciated.

This is the output:
Preparing HTTP GET request for
uart:~$ getaddrinfo status: 0
addrinfo @0x20014dc0: ai_family=1, ai_socktype=1, ai_protocol=6, sa_family=1, sin_port=bb01
sock = 0
Error: connect(sock, res->ai_addr, res->ai_addrlen)

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