SDK 0.13.0-alpha-1 Release

Kumar Gala

Hi all,

Just wanted to let people be aware few have an alpha release of the v0.13.0 SDK. The main focus of this alpha release is to enable ARC64 support in the toolchain.

Additionally we’ve updated gcc to be based on the GCC 10.3.0 release and pulled in QEMU 6.0.0.

I expect we will update OpenOCD to be based on a snapshot post the v0.11.0 release. Also, there’s expectation that ESP32 support will be added as well.

The SDK can be found here:

Added support for ARC64. NOTE: GDB isn't currently supported
for ARC64.

Updated to QEMU 6.0.0
Added arc64 support. NOTE: this update ARC support replaces
the machine (-M simhs) with (-M virt). This change will require
updates to boards/arc/qemu_arc/board.cmake in Zephyr to match.

Update to gcc 10.3 release
Added support for ARC64

Updated to add support for ARC64

Updated to add support for ARC64

sync with upstream. Upstream now supports newlib-nano so we drop
our Zephyr specific updates. This also pulls in gcc-10.3 and
initial support for ARC64.

Update to yocto 3.2.3 baseline. This is in prep to support building

Thanks to all that contributed fixes and enhancements to this version of the SDK.

- k

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