Bluetooth Mesh

Vikrant More <vikrant8051@...>

I want build Zephyr based lighting system & for testing I have 3 nRF52840-PDK boards.

I've flashed  zephyr/samples/bluetooth/mesh firmware on all three board.
They are advertising themselves as any other GATT peripheral devices.

As per my understanding they are in unprovisioned state. 

Using "NRF connect" Android app I can send data to service (Mesh Provisioning Service) running on it.

I think this service is for provisioning purpose. Am I right ?

How to do provisioning using meshctl utility (BlueZ 5.47) ?

When I execute meshctl on my ubuntu laptop it gives me following error - 

       Local config directory not provided.
   Failed to parse local node configuration file local_node.json

From where I can get this local_node.json which is compatible for nRF52840-PDK ?

I've also posted same Question of Nordic Semi. devzone forum:

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