Zephyr OSDP

Bojan JOVANOVIC <bojanjov@...>

Hello, guys.

I recently discovered that you included example codes for OSDP Control Panel (CP) and Peripheral Devices (PDs). In NCS v1.5.1 that I am using (link), they can be fund under zephyr/samples/subsys/mgmt/osdp. The examples are imported and adapted for Zephyr environment from here

I would like to try OSDP Control Panel example and communicate with my OSDP keycard reader PD device (e.g. this one).

However, I am not sure how should I interconnect keycard reader with nRF52840 development kit. Would you be so kind helping me with the following:

  1. Do I need to have some RS-485 transceiver development kit (e.g. this) that will serve as a bridge between OSDP keycard and UART port of the nRF52840 development board? 
  2. Within the main() function of OSDP CP example, I can't find how did you set the device in CP mode with osdp_cp_setup() function (link). Can you point me to the place where it is done in example code?

Thank you very much for your time and efforts. Looking forward to reading from you. 

Cheers Beers


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