Zephyr 2.6.0-rc3 tagged

Kumar Gala

The third release candidate for Zephyr v2.6.0 has been tagged (v2.6.0-rc3).

The merge window for features and enhancements remains closed until v2.6.0 is released. The next release milestone is code freeze. The final release remains scheduled for 4 Jun.

The focus now should be shifted to testing and documentation of the release. If you are a maintainer, please provide release notes for the areas you are responsible for and any other contributions you might have submitted since the last release. Everyone is encouraged to contribute to the release notes. The draft release notes file can be found here:


Additional features or enhancements for the v2.6.0 release require approval by the TSC.

Current bug counts are:

High: 0 (Target: 0)
Medium: 11 (Target: 20)
Low: 78 (Target: 50)

More information about bugs counts and real-time tracking of bug counts can be found here: https://testing.zephyrproject.org/issues/zephyrproject-rtos/zephyr/index.html

Testing Zephyr main branch during the stabilization period is also requested; please test the code base and file bug reports so they can be addressed before the release deadline.

All changes since 2.6.0-rc2 can be found here:

More details about Zephyr releases can found on the pages below:

You may continue to send Pull Requests for new features in order to gather feedback early or collaborate with others, but the release team would like to encourage everyone to focus on bugfixes and documentation improvements to the largest extent possible, so that we can release v2.6.0 on time and in the best shape possible. If you have a feature or enhancement you would like to submit to the TSC, please tag the Pull Request with the "TSC" label, make sure it is approved and passing CI, and attend the next TSC meeting.


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