stm32: PWM: Default all "st,prescaler" pwm property to 0

Erwan Gouriou

Hi all,

I'd like to inform STM32 PWM users that I'm pushing a change [1] to harmonize the default value of property "st,prescaler" to 0 for all pwm nodes on all (STM32) SoCs.

Benefit is to solve the current situation where default value is 0 or 10000 depending on the node and ease boards porting and application development.

This change will be hopefully integrated in the next Zephyr DV that will be released in October.

If you're relying on current '10000' default value, one way to avoid any surprise in a future rebase is to take it into account already today and overwriting your pwm nodes in board description or overlays with value 10000:

&timers1 {
status = "okay";

pwm1: pwm {
status = "okay";
st,prescaler = <10000>;
pinctrl-0 = <&tim1_ch1_pwm_pa8>;


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