Zephyr on Hexiwear and integrated Display Support

Marvin Beckmann <marvin@...>

Hi guys,

I am using Zephyr on the Hexiwear Board. I accomplished to use the hearrate sensor and some other sensors on the board.

But I am still having trouble with the integrated Display (SSD1351 OLED Display with SPI)

I didn't find drivers for this display. So i decided to use the SSD1306 Drivers.

It seems to work, because the functions for the display return zero, but display is not showing anything.

Is there any chance to support SPI on the Hexiwear Board and using the integrated display.

Here is the link for my code: https://gitlab.com/MarvB19/hexiwear_display <https://gitlab.com/MarvB19/hexiwear_display>

I hope you can help me :)

Have a nice day.

Kind regards

Marvin Beckmann

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