Errors while using west flash

Pandey, Mithun



I am following the setup steps in given in

Using a Python (3.6) Virtual environment.

I was able to build the Blinky example, trying to flash it in Nucleo F429zi board. West build Log file attached.

Tool chain used is “GNU_Arm_Embedded_Toolchain”


I have two Nucleo boards (One 429 and one F767), output of “pyocd list” command shows that

  #   Probe          Unique ID


  0   STM32 STLink   066CFF363336485043072710

  1   STM32 STLink   0674FF535155878281133844



When doing the flashing using “west flash” command I am getting python related error, log file attached.


Kindly help in resolving this, is it happening because two probes are attached ?, I tried to find a way to specify the board number in the west command but didn’t find any.


Kindly help.


Thanks and Regards







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