Re: options for missing driver functions

Armando VISCONTI <armando.visconti@...>

Hi Jeff,

I have in plan to improve the lis2ds12 with
following stuff:

1. Adding stmemsc HAL i/f support
2. Support multi-instance
3. Use common i2c/spi routines
4. Move FS and ODR properties from Kconfig to DTS
5. others minor things?

After that I'm not planning to add other features like wake-up.
So, if you want to do this part (after my improvements) I'll
be more than happy to review your work.

How does it sound to you?


On 6/30/21 2:44 PM, Erwan Gouriou wrote:
Adding Armando as codeowner of this driver.
On Tue, 29 Jun 2021 at 17:31, Jeff Haynes <feedyurhed@... <mailto:feedyurhed@...>> wrote:
Relatively new Zephyr user here.  We have a custom board with
a LIS2DS12 IMU on it.  I've been somewhat ignoring it up to now as
it serves a secondary function and we sort of just threw it on there
thinking we would get to it later.  Now that I'm ready to tackle it
it looks like the built-in functionality in the driver is pretty
limited and doesn't cover the wake-up scenarios we need.  What are
our options at this point?  Should we add to the existing driver? Attempt to do everything in the app or "side-load" a driver? Attempt to include the ST HAL?
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