Re: Understanding Ztest and Test Execution for Zephyr

Kevin Townsend

At the recent Zephyr Dev Summit, there was a talk -- "On-target testing with Twister and the process of results publishing" -- which covers this. It doesn't look like that video has been published yet, but they're releasing them in batches and it should be available here shortly:

The "Testing Mini Conference" is the one you'll want, see Day One here:


On Tue, 13 Jul 2021 at 10:35, Pandey, Mithun <mithunpandey@...> wrote:

HI all,


I was going through the test documentation under

Is there any more documentation available regarding understanding Ztest framework, and also the testcase.yaml and other files available to define the test scenarios.


I am also trying to understand the way these test cases are executed, based on the GitHub actions, it looks like the tests are only running on the QEMU emulator on ubuntu VMs.

But seeing the test reports it looks like the Test are also running for different architectures under different boards on HW also.


How are the tests on HW getting executed and triggered for each pull requests ? any pointers in this area will be helpful.


Thanks and Regards




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