Re: HCI Driver not registered on the ST #bluetooth #stm32 #hci

Erwan Gouriou

Hi Garret,

Unfortunately no, BT is not enabled on this platform.
Actually the bluetooth application processor (BlueNRG-M2) is not ported in Zephyr yet.
This might not be a major work as it would consist inĀ enabling communication between
Zephyr BLE host and BlueNRG controller, using existing hci over (spi/uart ?) driver.
Apparently, no one took the time to do it yet (or succeeded to do it).


On Wed, 8 Sept 2021 at 22:01, <garrett.battaglia@...> wrote:
Hello y'all.
Looking at the supported board docs for the ST it seems like zephyr should support bluetooth on this board. However, when I try and enable bluetooth (using bt_enable(...)) I get back "bt_hci_core: No HCI driver registered" and "main:Bluetooth init failed (err -19)". I believe I have my config set up correctly but I'm not 100% sure.

I have also tried other samples in the zephyr repo to no avail.

Any thoughts or ideas on how to resolve this would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Garrett

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