Re: Help needed to setup 6loble using IPSP sample

Johan Hedberg

Hi Vakul,

On Tue, Nov 21, 2017, Vakul Garg wrote:
I am using frdm-kw41z (running hci_blackbox firmware from nxp) stacked over frdm-k64f running zephyr sample IPSP.
In this config, frdm-kw41z acts as bluetooth controller and frdm-k64f acts bluetooth host.

On the peer end, a linux machine is attached with another frdm-kw41z with same hci_blackbox firmware as above (but with different BD address).

On, running 'hcitool lescan' on linux machine, it can detect the peer IPSP node.
However, running 'hcitool lecc <ipsp node bd address>' causes following error prints on zephyr console.

net> [bt] [ERR] hci_acl: Unable to find conn for handle 32
[bt] [ERR] le_data_len_change: Unable to lookup conn for handle 32
net> [bt] [ERR] hci_num_completed_packets: No connection for handle 32

My colleague (Maureen - thanks !!) bisected the git and found that following commit is to blame.
Indeed, removing it solves the issue.

commit 56f79f817e679857e385a14f9a7e9b951dbc626e
Author: Johan Hedberg <<>>
Date: Thu Oct 5 09:43:56 2017 +0300

Bluetooth: Add support for Link Layer Privacy

Can someone please advise me if I am missing some step or is it a bug that needs to be logged?
The same issue causes problem with other Bluetooth examples such peripheral_hr etc.
Have you verified that the handle value 32 is valid, i.e. the controller
gave that in a prior LE Connection Complete event? It would help
investigate the issue if you could get the entire log and also the HCI
log of what's happening. It's not clear to me how the LL Privacy patch
could influence this.


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