Re: System Level Testing for Zephyr Adopters

Yuval Peress

Hi, I'm working on testing efforts on Chromium. Our current approach is to write emulators of all the chips ( We'll be upstreaming the emulators when they're stable.

The idea is to run a full board using emulators and then (eventually) simulate host commands and GPIOs in our tests. We'll be sending patches to support this effort upstream. As an example I have pending for the testing framework to enable scripting the test for our system level tests. The idea is that each test suite can register itself along with a filter. The test_main() function then simply sets the system's state and runs all tests (effectively scripting the test). At the end, we check that all the tests ran at least once.

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HI all,


Sending this mail again to Zephyr-users email, in hope it will reach the larger audience


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HI All


For the Teams adopting zephyr, what the adopting teams do for automation at system level when everything is put together , Is there any recommendations from the Zephyr Community, or form any of the existing adopters.


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