Zephyr running on Arm Cortex-M7 within Intel PSE (Elkharts Lake)

Weiberg, Bernd

Dear Zyphyr Users,

first of all: I'm a completely newbie regarding zephyr!

Currently i'm trying to get it run on a Arm Cortex-M7 core, which is part of the Intel Programmable Service Engine (PSE) of the Elkhart Lake Processor (Intel Atom Processor x6212RE).

The Processor is part of a COM Express mini Type 10 Module from Kontron (COMe-mEL10) which mounted on Kontrons Evaluation Carrier Board ADANL211.

I'm going to use a Debian 11 Virtual Machine for the development process.

I followed the instructions from https://docs.zephyrproject.org/latest/getting_started to setup the development environment --> Everything is fine so far.

I also managed to build the hello_world example for the ehl_crb board and started the zephyr.efi from the EFI shell.


Now let's get over to my (stupid) question:

Am i right, that in my case the hello_world example runs on the major CPU (the Elkhart Lake)?

Because the example was build for an x86 architecture and not for arm.

Which build target do I have to use to build this example for the Intel PSE?

And how do i flash it?


Does anyone already got experience with Intels programmable service engine and zephyr?

Which literature would be a nice starting point for this?




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