Re: Zephyr running on Arm Cortex-M7 within Intel PSE (Elkharts Lake)

Nashif, Anas


You are correct that ELH support in zephyr upstream right now is limited to the main CPU (IA).

Support for the PSE on Cortex-M7 is not part of Zephyr yet, is in the process of being upstreamed AFAIK.




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Subject: [Zephyr-users] Zephyr running on Arm Cortex-M7 within Intel PSE (Elkharts Lake)


Dear Zyphyr Users,

first of all: I'm a completely newbie regarding zephyr!

Currently i'm trying to get it run on a Arm Cortex-M7 core, which is part of the Intel Programmable Service Engine (PSE) of the Elkhart Lake Processor (Intel Atom Processor x6212RE).

The Processor is part of a COM Express mini Type 10 Module from Kontron (COMe-mEL10) which mounted on Kontrons Evaluation Carrier Board ADANL211.

I'm going to use a Debian 11 Virtual Machine for the development process.

I followed the instructions from to setup the development environment --> Everything is fine so far.

I also managed to build the hello_world example for the ehl_crb board and started the zephyr.efi from the EFI shell.


Now let's get over to my (stupid) question:

Am i right, that in my case the hello_world example runs on the major CPU (the Elkhart Lake)?

Because the example was build for an x86 architecture and not for arm.

Which build target do I have to use to build this example for the Intel PSE?

And how do i flash it?


Does anyone already got experience with Intels programmable service engine and zephyr?

Which literature would be a nice starting point for this?




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