Re: Help needed to setup 6loble using IPSP sample

Johan Hedberg

Hi Vakul,

On Tue, Nov 21, 2017, Vakul Garg wrote:
Have you verified that the handle value 32 is valid, i.e. the
controller gave that in a prior LE Connection Complete event?
The linux console shows up connection handle 32 has been connected.
The connection handle is completely local to the device, so what you
have on the Linux side has no relevance to Zephyr (i.e. the handles can,
and often will be different).

[bt] [ERR] le_remote_feat_complete: Unable to lookup conn for handle 32
[bt] [ERR] hci_acl: Unable to find conn for handle 32
[bt] [ERR] le_data_len_change: Unable to lookup conn for handle 32
I don't see any connection complete event in the logs prior to this. So
it's not a surprise that the host complains of an unknown handle value,
i.e. this looks like some kind of misbehavior by the controller.


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