Re: PlatformIO for flashing zephyr code on ESP 32

Komal Rajput-Hajare <komal.hajare5@...>

I don't have idea about this error because I haven't try west tool on Ubuntu. Sorry for this. 

  I am  trying to flash the code(  hello  world) on esp32 using PlatformIO IDE on windows. Zephyr Version is 2.7.99.

With the help of west tool on windows my team member successfully flash code on esp32.

And platformIO even doesn't contain package of zephyr. what is the way to solve this problem. 

Kindly suggest any solution.

Thank you and regards 

On Wed, Oct 20, 2021, 3:47 PM Komal Rajput-Hajare <komal.hajare5@...> wrote:
Hello Zephyr foundation

     Currently I am working on ESP32 and zephyr RTOS. But using PlatformIO IDE. My client want zephyr RTOS on ESP32 but only via platform IO. I got sucess using west tool. But not by PlatformIO ide. 

I didn't found any support from zephyr for PlatformIO specially for esp32. 

Do any one have idea about it? how can I do that? 

Can you please help me in this.

Thank you and Regards 
Komal Hajare 

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