Re: MCUboot - Signing image for slot 1 #mcuboot

Martin Kozusky

why do you want to compile it with offset of slot1? Normaly you compile image for slot0, upload it to slot1 and MCUboot will swap them after reboot.


Dne 25.10.2021 v 13:40 Brenton Chetty napsal(a):

1. Hi, how do I go about signing an image for slot1 usage.

I used the following command for flashing into slot0 successfully:
    west sign -t imgtool -- --key ~/zephyrproject/bootloader/mcuboot/root-rsa-2048.pem && west flash --skip-rebuild -- --hex-file build/zephyr/zephyr.signed.hex

I adjusted my nrf52840dk_nrf52840 config as follows to flash into slot1:
    chosen {
        zephyr,code-partition = &slot1_partition;

however when signing the image after this change, the offsets remain the same as it should be for slot 0
     === image configuration:
     partition offset: 49152 (0xc000)                     (slot 1 should start at 0x73000)
     partition size: 421888 (0x67000)
     rom start offset: 512 (0x200)

2. Is there any tutorials online for MCUboot usage on Zephyr?
I am attempting to get OTA firmware upgrade on my dev kit and I am not sure about the basic commands (Config Variables) to utilize mcuboot on zephyr.


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