how to configure node for subscribe & public address

Vikrant More <vikrant8051@...>

After connecting with Device we get following options while configuring the device.

[config: Target = 0100]# h
Client Configuration Menu
Available commands:
  target <unicast>                          Set target node to configure
  get-composition [<page_num>]              Get Composition Data
  add-netkey <net_idx>                      Add network key
  del-netkey <net_idx>                      Delete network key
  add-appkey <app_idx>                      Add application key
  del-appkey <app_idx>                      Delete application key
  bind <ele_idx> <app_idx> <mod_id> [cid]   Bind app key to a model
  set-ttl <ttl>                             Set default TTL
  get-ttl                                   Get default TTL
  set-pub <ele_addr> <pub_addr> <app_idx> <period (step|res)> <model> Set publication
  back                                      Back to main menu
  help                                      Config Commands

But I am unable to find option which add subscription addresses.

How to properly add publish addresses ??

What is need to add publish address in every node if every node has subscription devices list ?

As per my understanding every node of MESH, can receive every packet on n/w. If sender address from that packet is not matching with address in subscription list then that packet is redundant for that node. It is understandable. Then what is need of creating publish addresses list for every node ? Let any device to broadcast any packet if it want to do it.

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