Zephyr escaping its virtual environment

Jason Bens <jason.bens@...>



I’m trying to build zephyr inside a python virtual environment.  It looks like it’s somehow pulling in the base python interpreter, rather than the fake one provided in the virtual environment.  This manifests as zephyr\scripts\dts\python-devicetree\src\devicetree\edtlib.py failing to import yaml (my base python environment is pretty barebones).  It looks like the python path is picked up in python.cmake:


foreach(PYTHON_PREFER ${PYTHON_PREFER} ${WEST_PYTHON} "python" "python3")




I haven’t defined PYTHON_PREFER or WEST_PYTHON, and don’t see any documentation suggesting I ought to.  I don’t fully understand how find_program is finding the executable, but had assumed it would check my path at some point.  I’ve confirmed that .venv\Scripts is the first entry in my path.  `where python´ from my virtual environment returns the following:





I’m working with version 2.6.99.  Before I file it as an issue, is this something that is fixed in 2.7.99?  Is there some known configuration stuff I’m failing to do?




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