Re: Zephyr for ARM A53

Manivannan Sadhasivam <mani@...>

On Fri, Nov 12, 2021 at 11:29:52AM +0000, Sandeep Kulkarni via wrote:
Hello all,

This is Sandeep from Maxlinear Technologies.

We are building a solution using ARM A53 - Wherein we plan to run RTOS on a couple of cores for time critical functions and we also need openAMP support.
Currently we are exploring the options - FreeRTOS, Zephyr, Threadx etc

Zephyr seems to support most of what we need in-terms of features/functionality, but I don't find much information for Zephyr with A53 on web, only thing I see is the QEMU support.
So need your guidance on this topic.
Zephyr has support for multiple ARMv8 based SoCs/boards. Take a look at:

There is also an ongoing PR to support NXP IMX8M SoC that has ARM Cortex A53.

* Has anyone tried Zephyr on A53 hardware ? Rpi or any other platforms?
* Is this stable?
Support for ARM64 is still new compared to ARM32 in Zephyr but if you find
something is missing or broken, let us know :)

* How is the community support for this?
There is some interest but it is still picking up pace.

* OpenAMP b/n Zephyr and Zephyr on A53
This one works pretty well and I've tested it on STM32MP platform.

* OpenAMP b/n Linux and Zephyr on A53
This should also work but I haven't tested personally.



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