Re: Configuration?

Dave Nadler

Careful Anders! Last I looked, newlib was not really supported properly in Zephyr.
Internally newlib sometimes uses free storage, and the OS needs to implement some hooks for thread-safety.
See for example FreeRTOS issues with the same:

Hope that helps,
Best Regards, Dave

PS: Picolib is striving to avoid internal malloc-etc use.

On 11/24/2021 4:24 AM, Anders wrote:

I have just started working with Zephyr and struggled the other day with getting sprintf working for floats.

After searching the internet I found out that when using CONFIG_NEWLIB_LIBC=y I also have to add CONFIG_NEWLIB_LIBC_FLOAT_PRINTF=y
to make things work as expected.

Where can I find this kind of information, e.g. dependencies, to avoid having to search the internet for answers in the future?

Thx in advance,

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