use esp32 can't build project

zhichunlee <zhichunlee@...>


I used ESP32 and setup the build environment acording to the docs

The mainly environment are as follows:
Linux: Ubuntu18
CMake: 3.22.0
Python: 3.6.9
Devicetree compiler: 1.4.5 (Not 1.4.6, how to  install it?)
zephyr sdk: 0.13.2
ESP32 toolchain: esp-2021r2-8.4.0

The ESP32 toolchain is work using " build".
But when built the project using west, error occured as follows:

It seems can't import "kconfiglib" but has installed it using "pip3 install".

Please help to see where there are problems and give suggestions.
Thanks very much!

zhichun lee

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