How to add support for STM32H7B0 SoC to Zephyr #stm32


This is my first time trying to add support for a board and using Zephyr RTOS, so any help would be appreciated:

I believe Zephyr RTOS already has support for my architecture (ARM), CPU core (Arm Cortex-M7), SoC Family (STMicro STM32) and SoC Series (STM32H7).
However, I believe I need to add support for my specific SoC named STM32H7B0 because its not listed under the supported boards and its no where in the source code.

I looked at the commit for an existing supported board (STM32H725/735) to try to figure out what to do

My questions are:

The various config files and dts files in the commit reference the board by names. Where would I get the names for what I should call my board (STM32H725/735). 
For example the dts file for above board has "compatible = "st,stm32h735g-disco";". Where do I find what this is called for my board?
Same thing for the board name listed in

Q2. Is following the commit above the right path for how to add a new SoC board to Zephyr or are there other steps I have to take?


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