qemu_x86 and samples/drivers/uart/echo_bot #test #uart


I'm trying to run the samples/drivers/uart/echo_bot sample on qemu_x86 under Ubuntu.  I can run this sample on my hardware when I build for that board, so I believe I am operating it ok.  But when I build and run for qemu_x86, I don't get any keystrokes echoed.  I expect to see them echoed after I press return.  

Build command: west build -p auto -b qemu_x86 samples/drivers/uart/echo_bot
Run command: west build -t run

When I run, I get this text displayed:
-- west build: running target run
[0/1] To exit from QEMU enter: 'CTRL+a, x'[QEMU] CPU: qemu32,+nx,+pae
SeaBIOS (version zephyr-v1.0.0-0-g31d4e0e-dirty-20200714_234759-fv-az50-zephyr)
Booting from ROM..*** Booting Zephyr OS build v2.7.99-3665-gdbff5861c43f  ***
Hello! I'm your echo bot.
Tell me something and press enter:

I'll type something and press <enter>, but nothing changes on the screen (no echo, no error).  CTRL+a doesn't exit the app (doesn't seem to do anything).  If I type Ctrl-c, I see:

qemu-system-i386: terminating on signal 2
ninja: build stopped: interrupted by user.

I tried setting CONFIG_UART_INTERRUPT_DRIVEN in qemu_x86_defconfig, and re-built, but I didn't see any change when I ran the app.  I also tried opening /dev/ttyS0 to see if the output ended up there, but my terminal emulator says it can't open that port.  I'm new to zephyr, so I'm sort of trying things blindly.  Is this sample code supposed to work under qemu_x86?  If so, how can I see the characters echoed?


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