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I've tried the 3 samples under samples/subsys/console (echo, getchar, getline) and they all have a very similar problem: no echo of my input and no error displayed when I run after building for qemu_x86 (per the directions on the Zephyr web page e.g.,  But, for these 3 samples, CTRL-a, x stops the app, so something there is processing input. 

Here's the output I see from samples/subsys/console/echo:

-- west build: running target run

[0/1] To exit from QEMU enter: 'CTRL+a, x'[QEMU] CPU: qemu32,+nx,+pae

SeaBIOS (version zephyr-v1.0.0-0-g31d4e0e-dirty-20200714_234759-fv-az50-zephyr)

Booting from ROM..*** Booting Zephyr OS build v2.7.99-3665-gdbff5861c43f  ***

You should see another line with instructions below. If not,

the (interrupt-driven) console device doesn't work as expected:

Start typing characters to see them echoed back

QEMU: Terminated

I typed a bunch of lines before I pressed that CTRL-a, x, but nothing showed up.

I'm running Ubuntu 20.04 LTS under VirtualBox, in case that matters.

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