nRF52833 #nrf52832

Mohamed Belaroussi


I need help with Access Port Protection on nRF52833.
I have added the line CONFIG_DEBUG_PORT_ACCESS=y in prj.conf file and now the project does not open in Segger Embedded Studio (SES).
I am getting this error,

warning: attempt to assign the value 'y' to the undefined symbol DEBUG_PORT_ACCESS
error: Aborting due to Kconfig warnings

Note, I am using this version of Zephyr
Zephyr OS build v2.6.99-ncs1 and SES
and this version of SES 
SEGGER Embedded Studio for ARM
Release 5.60  Build 2021081102.47262
Nordic Edition
Windows x64

It looks like I am missing a file where DEBUG_PORT_ACCESS is defined.
Please help.

Kind regards

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