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I’m not an expert in this by any means, but I’d like to point you to , which is a list of all of the config symbols as defined by Zephyr.  Unfortunately, I don’t see your config option there, or any similar-sounding options.


Additional Kconfig options can be defined elsewhere in your project.  For example, I have a kconfig.proj file in the base of my project with additional lines like


bool "16 bit audio"


This file may need to be explicitly added in CMakeLists file, but adds additional user-defined options.  Nordic boards also have additional Kconfig files in their board directory, potentially adding more configuration options.  If CONFIG_DEBUG_PORT_ACCESS came from a sample and you only copied the prj.conf setting, you may have missed the definition in one of these files.


Hope that helps,


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Hi Mohamed,


This look like a question related to Nordic’s nRF Connect SDK.

Please ask this question in Nordic’s Devzone instead:







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I need help with Access Port Protection on nRF52833.
I have added the line CONFIG_DEBUG_PORT_ACCESS=y in prj.conf file and now the project does not open in Segger Embedded Studio (SES).
I am getting this error,

warning: attempt to assign the value 'y' to the undefined symbol DEBUG_PORT_ACCESS
error: Aborting due to Kconfig warnings

Note, I am using this version of Zephyr
Zephyr OS build v2.6.99-ncs1 and SES
and this version of SES 
SEGGER Embedded Studio for ARM
Release 5.60  Build 2021081102.47262
Nordic Edition
Windows x64

It looks like I am missing a file where DEBUG_PORT_ACCESS is defined.
Please help.

Kind regards

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